Why Hygiea (Daya Memorial)


“Hygiea” as per Greek Mythology, who had enormous contribution in the development of this day modern medicine, is considered as the Goddess of good health. So with the wish that Multi speciality Hygiea Hospital may also succeed in providing good health services to all segments of the society at a reasonable price and thus we live in a healthy society.

This setup is tailor made to suit the requirements of the common man, whose household budget keeps healthcare as the last priority and does not have much to spare for the health of the family. Among the locals in Munirka Village, the inhabitants are of two kinds- One who own the properties and are now getting a large sum of money as rent.
Dr. Kapoor, the founder of Daya Memorial has seen this business growing over a period of time and the transformation of human in this category. Their affordability off course has gone many folds and some of them go to the extent of not even giving importance to value based services available next door. The second part is tenants who after paying to their respective landlords a bigger portion of their earnings, are left with little to support themselves and their family. Still they give importance to the cost effective value based services available next door and at times pay the hospital bills borrowing from friends and others.
Is not it a true challenge to run a multi speciality unit effectively and efficiently with good results? This is what the Multi speciality upshoot of Daya Memorial – is doing.
The quantum of population who have mediclaim cards, fortunately, with time has grown and is still further growing. This hospital accordingly approached almost all major TPA’S, who have been licensed by IRDA, Govt of India, out of which followings agreed to empanel Hygiea Hospital, Munirka Village, New Delhi-
VIPUL medicorp TPA(Admissions kept on hold by the vendor at present)
E- Meditek TPA
Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd.
HDFC Ergo General Insurance Co. Ltd.
Paramount TPA
Cigna TTK Insurance Co. Ltd
Anyuta Trust
Ericson TPA
Happy TPA
Bridges Healthcare TPA
Safeway TPA
Grand Healthcare TPA
Focus TPA
Sphurti Meditech TPA

Through the corridors of this website may we request couple of major players like Apollo Munich, Max Bupa, to kindly empanel Hygiea Hospital which shall help many card holders to seek genuine healthcare at a very reasonable price.