Wards/ Rooms



On level 3 and level 4, are wards and private rooms. General wards are air cooled with a drinking water dispenser– both hot and cold. The nursing station is in the general ward which makes it special with patients being under the very direct supervision of the staff on duty. There is no glamour but everything to provide a compassionate and sympathetic care to each patient. A TV is also installed in every general ward.

Right opposite the general ward are private rooms of two categories viz Private A and Private B. Both private A and B are air conditioned with space in place to install cardiac monitors and oxygen concentrators etc. The basic difference in room A and room B is of the space only. Both have attached washrooms and are made independent and self sufficient in the best possible manner.

Kitchen and Roof Top Garden:-

Both are situated on the terrace area. Kitchen is very spacious, hygienically maintained and provides food as per need to the patient indoors besides catering to the needs of staff, which is as per the demand but at a highly subsidized rate. Cook/ kitchen incharge always is from a very strong background and knows his job extremely well.
Roof top garden- They say seeing is believing. To experience it you have to visit the place, to know and understand how effectively a green area can be created besides the various constraints. It is small but sufficient, to refresh anyone and everyone who climbs the terrace, to destress oneself. On the rooftop exists the sterilization cabin and laundry equipped with an autoanalyser and an automatic washer and dryer machine. From the rooftop one can have a panoramic view of the entire skyline of Delhi.

HYGIEA (Daya Memorial) is certified for its hospital services thereby assuring you best facility during your period of stay at the hospital. If solitude is bliss to a healthy human being, it is an inevitable necessity for an ailing patient. HYGIEA (Daya Memorial) has taken great care in designing each room with keeping in mind the space and privacy which every patient longs for when away from home. Extreme attention has been paid towards the training of the staff to provide compassionate and sympathetic care for each patient.

Complete interiors and facilities for every room in this 20 bedded hospital have been designed without any distinction of class so that patients from every walk of life share the same comforts.

The private rooms are replete with all facilities like TV, Telephone, refrigerator, newspapers and magazines. Adequate forethought has ensured that apart from the facilities available within the room, commensurate ease is experienced in reaching out to medical help if the situation so demands. Hence, each floor has a desk staffed by trained, dedicated nurses, attendants and full-time doctors.

The food and beverage department takes utmost care in scheduling your diet which has been designed by our expert nutritionist of dietetics department. The hospital is meticulously cleaned frequently throughout the day and hence eliminating any chances of infection.