DEPARTMENT OF RADIOLOGY — 500mA X Ray Machine with CR system and ultrasound machine.

Starting from a 60mA machine in a makeshift cabin and a dark room,  next to Dr. Kapoor’s OPD — now down in the same lane popularly known as Dr. KapoorWaliGali, situated on the just lower than the ground floor is a prominently visible X Ray room, with a split AC working for a Carestream CR system printing digital X rays — both routine as well as special investigations like intravenous pyelography, Barium meal follow through etc.

As on today a 500mA GME machine is installed in the X Ray room.

Starting from most eminent Dr. S. N. Tandon, younger brother of Internationally known Gastroenterologist Prof B. N. Tandon, it passed through many other radiologists and is now looked after by Dr. Sushum Kumar Verma who covers this centre besides three others as per today’s scenario. PNDT registration for ultrasound was taken somewhere around 2003 in the name of Daya Memorial Hospital and now both machines — are housed on the second floor of the building and are regularly used by senior radiologist Dr. S. K. Verma and non radiologist registered with PNDT like Dr. PoonamKirtani, a gynaecologist with a diploma in ultrasonography. Dr. Deepak Kaushal, cardiologist,  uses the machine for echocardiography and Doppler studies.

So as on today the hospital can boast of having the facilities of ultrasounds — Transvaginal, Transabdominal, Digital X rays, whole body Doppler and this in-house facility which is reasonably priced definitely helps in providing the best and desired to the population which banks upon this institution.

Starting its journey in 1989, from a rented two floors of a building adjacent to the then existent Dr. Kapoor’s OPD,  this today’s  20 bedded healthcare facility named as Hygiea Hospital — a multispecialityupshoot of Daya Memorial Hospital, is now housed in a five storeyed building erecting on approximately 100 sq. yards area, and owned by Mr. P. K. Bahl, a trustee of Daya Memorial Charitable Trust, on level zero has reception area, meticulously planned small but efficient casualty which besides crash cart has a defibrillator, a monitor and almost all life savingequipments. Adjacent to the casualty is a small temple, mostly looked after by members of the staff. Going little ahead is lift area and a staircase. Just little ahead, getting down the couple of stairs one lands at just below zero level prominently seen as X Ray room, right to which is the office of Mrs. ReemaKapoor, the current CEO and authorised signatory of Hygiea Hospital. Inside her small office is the control point of Electronic surveillance which the building is on. Going little ahead, climbing down further to left are the two chambers which are used for specialist OPD’S and physiotherapy work. Small space in between is utilised for the office of HR head. Towards the extreme end of the building, small area is utilised for waste segregation as per the DPCC norms and also a small toilet serves the need of the staff and public in a big way.

Level One- is the operation theatre and recovery area. Both are well equipped. Operation theatre besides all essentials also have C arm image intensifier mostly used by orthopedicians and urologists. Recovery area besides monitors etc also has the equipment for invasive and non invasive ventilation, if required. The institution can boast of providing ICU care which as on today is given by Dr. S. Joy.

Specialists on panel

  1. Gynaecologists—
  2. Dr. DipikaLoganey..

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