Pediatric Services


Pediatric Services:-

The first pediatrician to join Daya Memorial was Dr. Rajiv Tandon (MD Pediatrics) from the prestigious MGIMS Wardha. The next to follow was Dr. C.L. Dulloo (MD Pediatrics, DCH) from Srinagar Medical College and now over the past almost 20 years Dr. Pushpinder Singh(DCH, AFMC) is contributing to the excellent services in General Pediatrics besides Neonatology.


Rarely a newborn requires shifting out to a level 2 or level 3 NICU and rest all have done exceedingly well under the expert care of Dr. Pushpinder Singh who delivers level 1 NICU care at the rate of ward surroundings.


The current immunization schedule if the need be, can be downloaded from our website. Brief profile of Dr. Pushpinder Singh shall be sent in due course.


The care in smaller centres is more personalised than generalised and for the same, one doesn’t need many people, but just one or two persons with many attributes, and strong sense of commitment. Daya Memorial (Hygiea) has been fortunate to always have someone like this, may it be medicine, OBGY, Pediatrics, Surgery etc.