Path Lab


Pathological lab which works 24×7 under the command of Dr. MaltiGoel( MBBS, MD Pathology)- A very efficient, but, humble medical professional, who got associated with Daya Memorial and Dr. Kapoor towards the end of year 2000, almost immediately after this unit moved into the present premises – 210-A, Sh. BaldevKrishanBhawan, who was the late father of Sh. P. K. Bahl.


Dr. MaltiGoel, wife of an eminent radiologist Dr. B. R. Goel – an excellent human being and a perfect radiologist, invested her own money to setup the lab with all modern gadgets including autoanalyser etc. It has successfully given quality services at a reasonable price to the masses. It is a secondary level path lab making no tall claims, but providing, even today, the quality work at a price less than the tall claimers.

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