Mission And Vision


All along the mission was to provide services par excellence, at a reasonable price, and in the process the organisation could never gather the funds to own a property, and it all continued as it is till the year 1999, when one of the trustees, Mr. P . K. Bahl, with the support of Dr. R. K. Kapoor,  who had a say among the locals went ahead, and the present premises of Hygiea Hospital could be acquired on the basis of ownership of Sh. P. K. Bahl. The previous owner of the property was Mr. BalrajRathi who agreed to sell his property solely by virtue of mediation of Dr. R. K. Kapoor and the money in buying the the property was invested by Sh. P. K. Bahl.


As the time went by, the cost of healthcare at Daya Memorial started accelerating due to various factors like – rising cost of operations including the cost of manpower, the rising expectations of the owner of the building etc.


2009-10 was the time of the changing scenario- the religious approach of the healthcare system was gradually fading and the glitter of corporate houses was becoming brighter. Consequently 2012 saw the birth of Hygiea Hospital where the orthodox approach was gradually put in abeyance and a more calculated approach was adopted to satisfy the rising needs of everyone viz. – the manpower including the participating doctors and the owner of the building who had invested his money in this endeavour. Before elaborating on what today’s Hygiea Hospital is, let me talk a little more about Daya Memorial Charitable Trust(DMCT) which made a new beginning in the year 2004 with a mission – “ To take the fruits of modern healthcare to that population and part of India which needs it the most but has the least access to”. Few glimpses of these activities of DMCT are annexed herewith. To know more about these activities, you may logon to it’s independent website..


Let me elaborate on Hygiea Hospital which is DMCT managed – for reasonable profits Hospital with no free services and zero tolerance for indiscipline.



Vision of the Organization– To make quality healthcare accessible to all thereby making it a rightful entity rather than a desirable one- To create Maximum and Minimum.


Mission of the Organization:- To have a delivery system which can deliver excellence irrespective of affordability, cast and creed and also accept and correct failures.