About Hospital


“Hygiea” as per Greek Mythology, who had enormous contribution in the development of this day modern medicine, is considered as the Goddess of good health. So with the wish that Multi speciality Hygiea Hospital may also succeed in providing good health services to all segments of the society at a reasonable price and thus we live in a healthy society.

Transformation is the law of nature and is unabated, continued, and without any controlled process, whose pace is determined by the circumstances existent at a point of time, surroundings and the prevailing needs and demand status.

Healthcare scenario post independence — to start with was probably at — Allpathies— no authenticated practitioner, gradually progressed to unqualified practitioners to under qualified practitioners in the era of late fifties to late seventies or early eighties.

My mention of under qualified medical practitioner means an MBBS doctor who used to do most of the jobs including many of the speciality jobs. Gradually post graduation picked up pace and towards mid eighties they became more visible and nineties saw their sizeable number into private health segments.

By the turn of the century and the beginning of the year 2000, by virtue of many new policies and good modifications, their participation in the private health system got accelerated and also migration from Govt medical facilities to Private Health care segments which started showing a boom. This was the time which showed the entry of Corporate sector and many mega players turned healthcare’s— a one time religious phenomenon, to a healthcare industry, which till to date is accelerating and private health segment is acquiring a Phantom size day by day.

The only bad thing about this is that small hospitals like Daya Memorial or Hygiea Hospital started facing the dirth of consultants from different specialities which was non existent till the beginning of the year 2000.

The current specialist’s panel of consultants at Hygiea Hospital includes many consultants who are part timers as they work full time at mega corporate hospitals in order to earn more, but still they remain a part of Daya Memorial’s Hygiea Hospital where values supercede the financial returns they get.